What others say about me

Helen Talaga, Chartered Physiotherapist

As a result of an incomplete spinal cord injury sustained in 2007, my physiotherapy needs are complex and demanding. The high level of my injury (C5/6) means that all four limbs are subject to varying levels of paralysis. With lots of problems in between.

For the last eight years I have been extremely fortunate to have been treated weekly by Helen Talaga. Her excellent specialist skills as a neuro-physiotherapist and extensive experience in treating patients with spinal cord injuries have contributed hugely to my rehabilitation and general wellbeing.

At the top of her game professionally, Helen is also kind, caring and pragmatic.

Annette, Wokingham

As someone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I have a constant stream of many and varied joint problems, and frequently present Helen with new challenges! I have used Helen to help me manage my condition for many years now and found her to be fantastic at working out where the underlying problem is and releasing and re-aligning problematic joints, which gives me so much pain relief. Coupled with this Helen is a lovely person, with a great bedside manner that she combines with a highly professional approach to achieve great results. I would certainly recommend Helen to anyone seeking treatment – but please don’t book all her appointments, as I need some!

Jane, Bourne End

After a severe stroke I was left with very restricted mobility. Thanks to Helen’s excellent rehabilitation treatment I can walk and even climb stairs. Helen manages to devise various exercises to suit my changing needs. She has been a godsend and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Will, Twyford